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Make room: Maryland's Duncan Barton is "Next" up

Whoo wee! 19 year-old artist/producer Duncan Barton just dropped his third-ever joint, entitled "Next," and the record is straight flame emojis. The DMV standout, a turnt-up terrapin hailing from Maryland, sounds like Jack Johnson dipped in Sublime sauce, and the resulting product is silky smooth and incredibly uplifting.

Barton's velvety vocals really carry this track from start to finish. He sports some polished pipes that can seamlessly transition from a fast-paced flow to a rousing chorus. Barton also, and rather impressively, handled every aspect of the song's production; from the chilled-out electronic backdrop to the cathartic guitar strings layered on top. A one-man band is rare these days, so I have Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man-sized daps for any artist who can play point guard and center equally well.

Peepeth out thy track below, and stay tuned-in to the Milkysphere for more moonlight serenades from the big homie Duncan.

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