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Thom Yorke, Bibio set to feature on Mark Pritchard's new LP

Mark Pritchard isn't really known as an album-oriented producer, but when he does drop a full length it's always big news.  2011's 93 Million Miles, a collaboration with Steve Spacek as Africa HiTech, was a groundbreaking release, but Pritchard has stuck to EPs and singles since then.  The long years of dormancy were certainly not idled away, as the Australia-based producer just announced Under the Sun, a new album for Warp Records.  

This most exciting part of this news is the intriguing lineup of guest vocalists Pritchard has employed for the album.  Thom Yorke and Bibio need no introduction in the electronic music world, but things get even more surprising, with legendary folk singer Linda Perhacs and rapper Beans of Anti-Pop Consortium making appearances.  No early streams of any of those match ups just yet, but you can watch the mesmerizing video for "Sad Alron" below.  Under the Sun is out May 13.

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