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Fans of Purity Ring and Flume will dig St. Albion's "Hold On" ft. Teischa

Music is a cyclical plane that constantly experiments and evolves. As music progresses, new artists emerge that continue to move the bar further and expand the playing field. Enter Sydney-based producer St. Albion. In his debut single "Hold On," the artist pulls together influences of future bass, trap, and pop music to create this sonic convergence of sound that is as impressive as it is addictive. Here he showcases the smoky vocals of rising Australian artist Teischa by accenting them with this dark and bewitching melodies and percussion that draw you in and leave your mouth ajar. His sound has similarities to the innovative instrumentation and style of Flume mixed with the strong staccato synths paired with smoky female vocals exhibited in Purity Ring records. If his inaugural release is any indication, this won't be the last we hear of him. Get familiar now because it won't be long before you see his name in the mid-to-big sized font on Festival lineups. 

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