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capshun & Colson XL add a fresh coat to ero808's "#tattoos"

Whilst there are countless artists killing it solo, the phrase "collaboration is the key to success" exists for good reason, and uniting from disparate areas of the US, Dallas-based capshun, Austin-based duo Colson XL and Boston-raised ero808 reinforce that with their thrilling rework ero808's "#tattoos." Each adding their unique flavours to the track, their respectively distinct artistry kaleidoscopically coalesces for an unfurling rollercoaster of boundary-pushing future dance, with a cutting hip-hop edge.

“I sent an acoustic version to cap. Mind you, I was nobody. I mean, I still am nobody, lol. But cap heard something in it, and he took a chance with it, and I’m super grateful for that," outlines ero808 in an email statement, and that "something" really had legs as it resulted in the white-knuckle ride which opens with the aforementioned acoustic sparseness. Quickly establishing the darkly tinted aesthetic, a hoover bass lights up the neon-tinted production, laying the foundation for the ensuing electronics to slowly snowball into a careering force of eye-popping energy.

"His production really embodies it. And brought it to a whole other level. A level I couldn’t even imagine. That first drop is insane," he continues, and he's not wrong. The anticipation reaches a break-neck speed before switching gears into capshun's trademark chest-knocking beats, that are sure to have you headbanging along in moments.

The rework gets dialled back to set up for Colson XL taking the helm, and the momentary breather is much needed. "And then he [capshun] got the Colson XL Boys on it for that second drop, and second half of the song. Good lord, I remember when I first heard the whole thing together. My mind was absolutely blown. I’ll never understand how they put so much heart and emotion into everything they do. It’s crazy to me.”

That momentum returns to build the hype that explodes into Colson XL's take on where the drop should go, and they achieve stratospheric heights with guttural bass and swaggering countermelodies; top-notch work indeed.

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