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MOONZz wants us to feel "Deja Vu"

Following in proper fashion to her debut single, "Satisfy", LA-based songstress MOONZZz hit the internet running this week with her second single "Deja Vu". The track comes on the heels of annoucing that "Satisfy" has been chosen as the latest synch in a national ad campaign for Victoria's Secret. The singer/songwriter remarks, "This song [Deja Vu] is something I think everyone can relate to. It's about the struggle of moving on from the rawest form of heartbreak & that exact moment where you put back up your shield & armor after being discarded. When I say "You left me hanging, shook me, now I'm shaking you" it was meant as a dagger to that person that caused me pain once they came crawling back. But is it selfish to want to hurt the one that hurt you just as bad?" Did your love not make it past Valentine's Day and you're looking for the post breakup song, well look no further as you allow MOONZzz has you covered below. 




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