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MaXD's "Bad Habit" is an electronic voyage

The clashing of classic instruments and newer technologies is a territory seldom crossed in music, with prospects of tarnishing the specific qualities of either. Far from kitschy, Canadian producer MaXD is introduced to the scene with a polished marriage of the two worlds, reimagining a sort of electronic epiphany in the most sophisticated sense. With a brisk skim through the artist's SoundCloud, listeners are welcomed to several shiny productions with clean yet elaborate sound design to pleasantly stroke audible senses. The artist's first EP, Extremes was released about half a year ago and blissfully explores a spectrum of distinctly electronic sounds. Extremes grasped at abrasive dubstep synths in "Docile" while also reaching out to trap connoisseurs in glitchy interpretations, in tracks like "Beelzebub".

MaXD's latest "Bad Habit" released through Heroic, is an electronic voyage that plays an expansive musical field. The track begins as a whirlwind of synths, complete with lags and glitches reminiscent of the past technologies. Eventually interrupted by a classical piano insert, MaXD grounds the madness with the insertion of an organic timbre. The two counteracts progressively coexist, feeding off one another to develop a one of a kind cinematic sound. The synths grow muddier towards the end of the track, humanizing its essence and breathing life into an electronic production. MaXD's "Bad Habit" is the type of track to remind us of the mystique in music, underlining the notion that something intangible can illustrate imaginative worlds through man-made sound. Check out the new track below.

Electronic · Glitch


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