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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis link up with DJ Premier & KRS-One for "Buckshot"

You read that right: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the duo who received national attention for telling us to pop tags with "Thrift Shop," have now joined forces with two of hip hop's most cherished figures: DJ Premier and KRS-One. Although it might sound like a strange pairing on paper, "Buckshot, an ode to the Seattle native's days as a sandwich artist-turned rapper and graffiti artist, is a catchy track that deserves some shine.

While Mack has had a history of overstepping with his music, I feel like "Buckshot" offers a acts as a decent attempt to bring pop and hip hop together. Lewis' use of piano paired with a protruding base lines pairs well with Mack's storytelling rhymes. Although the track is a bit uneven thanks to The Teacha's closing verse, Preemo's sinister cuts help to even things out. "Buckshot" will appear on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' sophomore album, This Unruly Mess I've Made, which is set to drop on February 26th.

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