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RYAN Playground and Ryan Hemsworth join up for "Folders" [Video]

Thanks to Soundcloud and other online sources, there's literally no corner of the globe that Ryan Hemsworth and his Secret Songs label can't reach.  While he's tapped into the underground of many countries, Hemsworth has also made sure to support his fellow Canadians.  The latest pick is Montreal's RYAN Playground, and she's got it all; a stellar voice and some serious production chops of her own.  She showcased those last week on lead single "Are You Mad," and for her latest track, "Folders," Hemsworth steps in to produce.  

In the video below, RYAN Playground walks along in her own little world, headphones in, eyes obscured by the brim of her hat, treating the streets of Montreal like her own personal playground.  Her debut album, elle, will be out via Secret Songs on February 24.

Electronic · Hip-Hop · R&B


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