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Filous' puts his own chill spin to Gorillaz's classic "Feel Good Inc."

18 year old producer, filous first broke into the scene with huge remixes including heavenly reworks of huge tracks such as Porter Robinson's "Divinity" and Glitch Mob's "Our Demons". The young producer hailing from Austria is best known for his gauzy soundscapes reverberating with nostalgic incandescence. Filous makes himself to be somewhat of a musical prodigy, writing and playing several instruments for over 7 years. The producer released his 5 track debut EP Dawn last summer. The EP was impressive as a first for filous, with dewy tracks such as "How Hard I Try" and "Dawn",  making an ideal soundtrack to a relaxed rainy day in. The multi-talented producer shows great quality in his work consistently.  The broad range of his tracks possess a distinct relaxed fluidity in combination of indie vocals, classical instruments and electronic composition. 

In the producer's latest release, he gives Gorillaz's classic "Feel Good Inc." the "f" touch.  With everyone's anticipation for a new Gorillaz album, filous decides to instead create a dainty modern remake of the pop hit featuring vocals from LissA. The track opens with the familiar "Feel Good Inc" melody in the form of a delicate xylophone creating a sense of airiness in the track's vibe. Accompanied with what seems to be a mandolin guitar, the track gradually is layered with more intricacies.  LissA's raspy vocal work create a perfect pairing to the chilled out track and evoke a hypnotizing atmosphere. Filous has released his track in celebration to the beginning of his From Dusk Till Dawn tour. To see if Filous is coming to a town near your click here and check out his remix below. 


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