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Jameston Thieves & YOOKiE team up in explosive EP 'Freshkimo' [Premiere]

The electronic scene is booming with brand new artists and material out on the weekly. With over saturation in the market, artists can be easily dismissed and it may seem daunting to find new music that stands out. However, this is not the case for both Jameston Thieves and YOOKiE, two names that break from the mould and have something undefinable to share. From out of this world dubstep wobbles, dirty house bass lines to hip hop infused tracks, the two show no boundaries in their creativity. 

Hailing from opposite sides of the country - with Jameston Thieves from the Bay area, and brother duo, YOOKiE from New York - both first bonded in collaboration, "Fourth Dimension" released almost two years ago. Still sharing the same eclectic flair in music making and genre-bending antics, the two have come together to create a more in depth musical project. Today, EARMILK presents the world-wide premiere of Jameston Thieves & YOOKiE's Freshkimo EP, released by Buygore.

"Xanax Pancakes", the first song on the EP, was released just week ago and the track has already amassed over 80k plays on SoundCloud. The heavy-hitter begins with a muffled sample of what seems to be someone snacking on chips. It then flows into a darker atmosphere, almost portraying an alien nightmare. The squeaking synths that will appeal to fans of Vomitstep mogul, Snails, provoke different sensations in the mind. "Xanax Pancakes" sounds like a product of an alien panic attack or if pixels came in the form of vomit, in the most artistic way "Freshkimo" comes out as a head-bang inducing track with dirty screeching synths. The track does not cheap out on bass and is a solid mix of future sounds. "Trippin 4 U" leans to a more emotional side of the EP, distributing high frequency synths and a more feelsy, melodic breakdown. The last track off Freshkimo, "Bonkerz" is exactly what the title states. Imagine jungle terror on planet Mars, the track is jam-packed with high energy. 

Jameston Thieves and YOOKiE show courage in Freshkimo in their attempts to deconstruct genres and create for something completely bizarre yet thought-provoking. There is an obvious decay in their sound, with glitchy synths and culturally unappealing flow. But with this destructive aesthetic and referring to the backbone of Graham Greene's short story "The Destructors", there is creation born from it all. Freshkimo plays out to be a kaleidoscope to the ear with concept within the EP to unravel with each listen. 

Listen to the track below and purchase the Freshkimo EP here. 




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