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Watch Vince Staples levitate in "Lift Me Up" [Video]

Vince Staples returns with a brand new video for another standout track from his highly acclaimed album, Summertime '06. Ironically, in light of all the hilarious twitter happenings of the week, he choose a song that focuses on self doubt and pleading for help, "Lift Me Up." 

The visuals bring the chorus and title of the song to life. Vince is seen floating above various Los Angeles locations, while reciting the challenging lyrics. At one point he even stands in a way that is reminiscent of the "Smooth Criminal" lean. His stoic appearance throughout—he rarely even acknowledges his miraculous ability—brings "Lift Me Up's" lethargic recounting of street life and the struggle for fame to another level. He is passively telling listeners about his life and the world he grew up in, in the hopes of being heard.

"Lift Me Up" is an interesting video and a great concept. Vince continues to get better and his experimentation has helped him mature as a complete artist. Check out the video below.

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