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Rois want you to feel 'Love High'

What happens when you mix soulful, electro and R&B-pop sounds? Well LA-based producer Rois (pronounced Royce) are letting us know exactly what that sounds like with their latest release. They just put out their debut EP Love High, which introduces the artists as a duo and their signature sound. Their single "You Make Me (Get Down)" is a nice slice of atmospheric melodies and playful synths. The guys remark, “Love High is best describe as a journey from the deepest parts of your soul to the widest parts of your heart, and across the limitless expansions of your mind. We feel we’ve created a sound that is both modern and pure, driven with a fearless vulnerability that will leave you wanting more”

Listen to "You Make Me (Get Down)" below and be sure to check out the full EP on Soundcloud. 


Dance · Electronic


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