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Bon Volta has put out "Higher", a deeply disco jam

LA-Based and Italian native Bon Volta, is aiming to be a household name in the dance music scene, and to turn listeners into fans, he has released a new single "Higher". The track comes off indie imprint French Press Records. Rooted deeply in disco, the track is sure to get a few bodies moving on the dance floor. The producer shares, "I wrote “Higher” in a studio space I used to share in Vernon, just south of DTLA…there was always a really weird vibe, as there is almost nothing in that area, no shops, restaurants or homes it’s very industrial and it almost feels like you are completely detached from LA itself. Anyway I started playing with the bass line and it came out very dark sounding. Every time I hear it I can just picture that studio in my head…the vocals add an uplifting element to the track I think. So I would say the inspiration was that I wanted to finish it and go back home to the relative safety of Hollywood.”

While we aren't quite sure we can resonate with his descrption, we can believe in the funky bassline and feel good melodies Bon Volta puts forth. Enjoy! 



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