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Gosh Pith teases new Gold Chain with "K9"

If you have difficulty fully nailing down Detroit duo Gosh Pith’s sound, you aren’t alone. The duo considers their music psychedelic cosmic-trap but really even that doesn’t do it justice. Their sound has rolling trap percussion layered with psych-rock guitar riffs processed through plenty of reverb. The vocals and melody carry along this lackadaisical vibe that is spacey in nature. Their most recent release, “K9” embodies this sentiment perfectly. Is it a lo-temp future bass track? Is it an experimental psych rock track? It’s hard to exactly pinpoint what it is, but it is easy to pinpoint that it is brooding with emotion and feeling. K9 is the first single to be release off the forthcoming  Gold Chain EP via B3SCI records which is set for release February 26.


Acid · Experimental · Psychedelic · Trap


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