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Farma Wes gives us beautiful visuals for "No Floors" [Premiere]

Farma continues to bless us with drop after drop in lieu of his Famel Carter album to release sometime in the near future. To mark the official release of his the third single from the project, "No Floors", the artist provides us visuals to understand the full spectrum of the track. 

Produced by Curtis Tull, "No Floors" is more than just an ill beat and clever lyricism, but also an aural glimpse into the rappers adolescence and growth from life experiences, indicated by wordplay like;

"I used to love shallow bitches/ I was broke, no trickin/ Milk box, they were missing/ Now they wanna have my children/ Hoes got me in my feelings/ Swear to God, I almost killed em/ Had to learn, don't save/ Fuck the hero, I'm the villian."

Under the mentorship of Director 44, the music video was photographed by Farma himself. There isn't a clear story being told here through imagery, however - the artist has a keen eye for invoking a subtle suspense in the video throughout. In other words, it very much feels like something is about to happen in each scene, but right before the climax, he's already on to the next scenario.

If you've ever seen the film "Taxi Driver" by Martin Scorsese, there's a scene where De Niro is talking to Peter Boyle, inquiring outside of a coffee shop about how he copes with all the scum and losing his own mind. While Boyle is giving his thoughts, there's a moment where a group of gangsters and pimps come strolling by; De Niro locks eyes with one. As the camera follows, switching back and forth from our protagonists to this gangster,  there is this intense omnipresence, almost made tangible by red lighting, that insists something crazy was about to go down.  "No Floors" plays like he was trying to grasp that feeling for the 2:11 duration of this visual.

Make sure to check back for more drops from Farma first, exclusively right here.

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