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Your Friend's "Come Back From It" is left-field folk you're going to want to hear

Your Friend is Taryn Blake Miller, a songwriter from Winfield, KS. Her newest track "Come Back From It", hailing from debut album Gumption (out Jan 29 via Domino), is vivid yet subtle in its energy and pace.

The soundscapes prove to be vast on "Come Back From It" and yet are simultaneously intimate and introverted. But it's all apart of the charm, as Your Friend flaunts her sonic capacity to be darkened and distorted while still alluding to the realm of pop mentality.

"Come Back From It" is in fact your friend, if you so choose. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/241927009"]

Check out the accompanying music video below for "Come Back From It" as well. 

Dark Pop · Folk · Indie · Lo-Fi · Shoegaze


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