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The "Afterlife" is beautiful with Illenium featuring Echos

Once again, Denver native, Nicholas Miller also known as, Illenium delivers an entrancing track that opens the ears into a utopic world. "Afterlife" ft. Echos is set to be featured on his anticipated debut album 'Ashes', out February 15th. The young producer has gained attention with quality remixes of huge tracks including Kaskade's “Disarm You” and Phoebe Ryan's “Mine”. Illenium also proves himself as a natural talent with several originals, including emotionally charged 'Only One', also to be on the new album.

In this day and age, new music is created constantly, as banger after banger come and go in a flash. With many of today's current producers easily following musical trends, Illenium continues to develop a well-defined style shown in “Afterlife”. As with his remixes and originals, Miller's music seems to always speak to a feeling and tug at our deepest emotions. 

The track opens with wispy vocals and sets up the stage for a cinematic soundscape. The moving vocals and orchestral background paint the scene of an other worldly epic, one that ascends beyond us into a dream-like state. The subdued vocals extend into accelerating percussions with the emotions of Echos heightening, digging the listener deeper into the a euphoric daze. Illenium shows an appreciation in damaged beauty through the glitches prior to the explosive drops. Think Seven Lions meets Porter Robinson, the track's graceful melodies are tortured in terms of technicality to bring life to something raw and beautiful. Download the track for free here and pre-order 'Ashes' on iTunes.

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