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Colorado trio SunSquabi release grooving single "SquabCat"

You could call you call CO-based 3-piece “electric hydro funk” group SunSquabi a jam band, but they would quickly tell you they are “peanut butter jam.” Why? Why not? Their music is a little creamy and a little crunchy. It’s a little sweet and it’s a little salty. Strawberry jam is one dimensional, but their vibe is… multi-dimensional.

Their latest song, “SquabCat” is an homage to their superstitious relic that joins them on stage for every performance. In this single, their sound is a conglomerate of many artists. (aka pbjam vibe.) Electric guitar riffs fill the air like Ratatat while grooving four to the floor drums make your body move like STS9. It is a galactic journey on the back of the prized Squabcat, and it is a beautiful ride that will have you grooving with every turn.


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