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NIGHTOWLS revisit Rusko's Dubstep Classic “Woo Boost”

It's with no doubt “Woo Boost” by Rusko is a reknown dubstep anthem. The unique, gritty track, released in 2010 through Mad Decent was what initially attracted many to dubstep scene. Upcoming LA- based producers NIGHTOWLS cite the song as a major influence to their passion, stating, “This was one of the first songs that made us fall in love with dance music, and a lot of people can relate to that.”. In homage to their inspirations, the electronic duo flip the track by giving it a bass house makeover.

Without undermining the original, NIGHTOWLS manages to retain the bass heavy sound but with their own twist. The track is updated with a quicker tempo, trap-influenced percussions preceding the drops and distinct hollow synths. The subtle siren sounds, hard-hitting snares in juxtaposition to the original grimy bassline makes for a destined party track and will heavily appeal to the average bass house sucker. The duo show justice in this massive remix by showcasing their eclectic talents and throwing in their dirty, deep sound. Classics often stay untouched but NIGHTOWLS prove themselves as significant game-players in the dance scene by taking that risk. Download the track for free here.



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5 years ago

LMAO who tf is that a picture of in your article?