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PatrickReza and Harrison Sands make an original single, "I Found You" [Download]

PatrickReza starts the new year off with a powerful new single featuring the upcoming vocalist Harrison Sands. The two musicians have never worked together, but the collaborative effort sets both members in the spotlight for bigger projects to come this year. PatrickReza is currently based in Los Angeles while his fan following continually grows in North America and abroad. His remixes are staple treats with EARMILK, yet it is nice to an original production. Harrison Sands is also located in L.A. and primarily works as a solo artist, with occasional collaborations to help build his profile. 

From the initial chords, there is a build of anticipation that slowly moves away with the introduction of Harrison's chorus. His soft vocal is layered lightly on the song before Patrick comes back with an energetic wobble that shakes the suspense off. "I Found You" is a significant single because it changes the mood more than once in a special way. The track starts off with a gentle lead before moving into a frenzy and finally settling on a peaceful balance.    

Bass · House · Post-dubstep


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