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Matias Aguayo remixes "Your Kind" from Colder's long-awaited comeback LP [Premiere]

Paris-bred producer Marc Nguyen Tan, a.k.a. Colder, emerged a decade ago as one of a handful of artists blazing a new trail for post-punk and darkwave in an electronic music context.  His 2005 album Heat spawned underground singles like "Crazy Love" and "To the Music," but he all but vanished soon after.  His hibernation has come to an end this year, with Colder signing with Bataille Music Group for the releases of the Turn Your Back single and finally, his comeback album, Many Colours.  

Colder's music has often sounded like Depeche Mode doing dark French electro, and one of Many Colours' standout tracks, "Your Kind," continues this all-too-perfect combination.  Now he's handed the track off to Chilean artist Matias Aguayo, who adds his own unique production and voice to the mix, singing over Nguyen Tan's vocals while adding slippery synth squiggles and a more club-oriented structure.

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