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Vokab Kompany has a bright "View of My LIfe" [Premiere]


We don't get to talk a lot about San Diego on this site, but it's actually an amazing city with a vibrant culture, and the guys behind Vokab Kompany definitely know how to bring their music to life. Today they are premiering their newest piece "View Of My Life" with us, and we're absolutely loving the good vibes and summery feels this emits. 

The duo, artists Matt Burke and Robbie Gallo, know how to incorporate influences of hip hop, pop, reggae, and electronic music to bring together the sounds of San Diego to life. "View of My Life" highlights the value of good friends and family, and helps us think about what's really important during this holiday season. 

Their album The Good Kompany is slated for January 13th


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Vokab Kompany
5 years ago

thanks for the love fam