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Emseatee looks set to be "Going" places [Premiere]

Over at EARMILK we're always excited to act as a platform for some of the lesser known artists out there. The producer in question here goes by the name of Emseatee and hails from Oxford in the UK. Stating that he's influenced by the concept of nostalgia and memory, it's evident that this isn't just 'Soundcloud biography filler' as the forthcoming "Going" feels like a rich coming of age tale. 

Stuttering melodic keys nestle behind warm poignant chords as the kick drum resonates like the steady beating of a heart. The record paints pictures of a life affirming moment and as the mechanics of the track mesh together the subtle bleeping of time seems to represent a life line. With Steady drum rolls symbolising the battle of the body as it refuses to shut down, the fitting title resonates with the listener to create a moving yet beautiful journey. The production is layered eloquently as the record gathers momentum, pushing towards the bright chiming keys that represent the turning point in the tracks compelling narrative.

This is a stunning debut release from Emseatee and we look forward to keeping an eye on him in the future. You'll be able to purchase "Going" from  December 14th

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