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Steve James wants us to feel like it's a "Renaissance" with his latest single

The Renaissance—a great revival of artistry, literature, and education all throughout Europe beginning in the 14th century. It was a time that truly sparked some of the greatest imaginative minds of human history, and now it seems to have inspired yet another creative individual. Young Steve James produced a new song featuring Clairity boasting the same name as this magnificent time period. In an industry where many popular songs follow the same structural format, James strives to create new music that pushes boundaries and offers a different perspective on our world. His musical stylings combined with the spine tingling lyrics sung by Clairity come together to create a song that is reminiscent of new beginnings and innovation. The young producer has also co-written Justin Bieber's "Purpose" and created a number of magnificent remixes such as Melanie Martinez's "Soap", "Faded" by ZHU and "Karaoke" by Smallpools.

Dance · Eclectic · Electronic


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