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Terminé delight with genre blending indie-rock and dance music single "Sideways"

Conjuring up memories of the days when I watched a little movie called The Girl Next Door and listened to a ton of indie rock, like The Shins, well those were the sentimental feelings that came over me when I pushed play on Finnish duo Terminé's latest single "Sideways".  Well it's been a while since I listened to The Postal Service and Spoon, but I'm kind of happy this one got sent my way. While not totally indie rock music here, Terminé's new single perfectly straddles the line between indie-rock and dance music, all the while making me feel nostalgic and happy at the same time. If you love dance music and love indie music, this one might be easy on your ears. Go ahead and give it a listen below. It's set to  drop on 18th December on Finnish label, Youth Control and comes as the title track off their forthcoming EP. 



Dance · Indie Dance


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Kim Joyce Music
5 years ago

@termineband DOPE! ?