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JackLNDN remixes Zimmer's "Escape" for new remix EP on Roche Musique [Premiere]

Zimmer never ceases to disappoint with his signature style of horizontal disco. Whether it’s a track, or a mix, or a new single, Zimmer is always on his game. With his latest Coming of Age EP and its leading single “Escape,” out now on Roche Musique, the Parisian producer kills it. Naturally it makes sense for Zimmer to select his some of his favorite up-and-coming producers to remix this gem.

Another producer who won’t let you down, JackLNDN, has his own strengths in this dreamy style of house. He whisks “Escape” away in a tropical direction where the piano melodies sound more like marimbas and Jack’s signature billowing layers of synths fill the air. It didn’t seem possible for the original to get any dreamier, or sweeter, but our British friend does it well. Emilie Adams has this gorgeous voice that just melts over both Zimmer’s original and JackLNDN’s remix.

Look for the JackLNDN “Escape” remix as part of Zimmer’s new remix EP which is out now on Roche Musique. The EP also includes a hauntingly deep house remix from Durante and a textured contemplative mix from Superpoze.



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