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LiquidLight are in control with "Centralize"

LiquidLight mixes psychedelic feels and gnarled guitars in "Centralize." This tune brings back the 90's rock sound, when alternative was ruling the radio airwaves. The moody track is a methodical, buzz filled meditation through time. "Centralize" is one of the many standout moments in LiquidLight's recently released full-length album, Uninitiated. Their latest compilation is brimming with experimental rock vibes. Uninitiated is an album that must be listened to from start to finish to be aware of LiquidLight's artistic vision.

The Portland based band is currently touring around their hometown. Uninitiated is currently available on LiquidLight's bandcamp page. The guys will be performing at the High Water Mark Lounge in Portland, Oregon on Thursday, December 3rd. If you live near the Portland area, do yourself a favor and check out LiquidLight live and in person.



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