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High Klassified commands bass and deep rhythm in 2nd EP 'Kronostasis'

After his release of Palindroma in 2014 on Fool's Gold Records, we've been awaiting other release from High Klassified. The Montreal based producer now presents to us Kronostasis, an EP that embodies the concept of temporal illusions in sound and touch (look up chronostasis). High Klassified is known to fabricate large spaces through ethereal echoes, resounding bass, and incredible builds into a goliath. The man has created the perfect soundtrack to a world without a sun, only sand dunes and the loudest thoughts of the conscious mind twisted in unconscious intuitions. 

As a unique artist, High Klassified's personality in video and music takes a futuristic stance on who we are. Whether married to our materialism or pointlessly running through time like Donnie Darko's endless loop of experience, Kronostasis will eerily creep into your system. Oh, and don't forget to check out young Chicago star Mick Jenkins for a change from the hi-hat trance. Prepare to leave this state of mind when you listen to the EP in full.

Electronic · Hip-Hop


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