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TD Cruze goes retro in video for 'Nothing More to Say' EP

Rising producer TD Cruze has previously turned heads for producing a handful of Lil B tracks, such as "Tell You This," and for his debut EP, Savage Beast, which was constructed entirely out of animal noise samples.  In reality, the tireless Cruze has released over 15 EPs since 2012, and his latest, Nothing More to Say, is one of his most unique yet.  As he explains it:

"I wanted to tackle some 70s soul stuff that has been pretty popular in hip-hop production of the past, while also taking dialogue samples from 70s childrens shows to create more of a contained, cohesive universe within the project. I attempted to put my own spin on this style through the use of distorted drums, obscure sound effects and a sort of dynamic growth throughout the tracks themselves."

Cruze keeps the music engaging throughout the fifteen-minute EP, and the clips from TV shows like Sesame Street and Vegetable Soup add a nostalgic effect, even though most of us are too young to remember these clips.  Check the video out below.  

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