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RATKING reminisce the summertime in new "Arnold Palmer" video

RATKING'700 Fill EP worked on multiple levels: it was released in the midst of one of the colder winters on record, at a time when everybody in New York (their hometown) was covered in down overcoats that were probably as close to 700 fill as their budgets could get; the project started off with one of the fliest monologues ever about the status of one's coat; each track had multiple allusions to their native city; and it flat out expanded their sound in more ways than one, really demonstrating that they were holed up (more than likely due to snow) in the studio working on their craft. However, since March there has been little discussion of the project from their camp, a fact as surprising as 700 Fill's initial release. Thankfully Wiki, Hak, and Sporting Life have not abandoned the EP.

"Arnold Palmer" was one of the stronger songs found on 700 FIll, which makes it a great choice to receive the video treatment. Wiki and Hak trade bars in fondly remembering the wonderful summer days that seem like a distant memory, during the heart of winter. Sporting Life's production is warm and jazzy, two adjectives that are not normally associated with his usual industrial leaning beats. Although, the two MCs are comfortable and smoothly adapt to this change. In fact, Hak seems able to fully capture his voice and provides one of his best verses/hooks on this record. 

Like the song, "Arnold Palmer's" video is happy and radiates golden vibes. While RATKING mixes up their special blend of Ice Tea and Lemonade to sell at their stand, there are beautiful shots of the city looking heavenly underneath a clear blue sky. For most of the video, we watch the three artists, flanked with friends and colleagues, interact with pedestrians passing their makeshift lemonade stand. It is not the deepest set of visuals ever, but it is a nice change of pace from the depressing or tough hip-hop videos. Even though it is exceptionally well done, it is light hearted and fun. 

Check out "Arnold Palmer" above and make sure you look out for more RATKING in the near future. They are constantly doing unique and creative art, so you will want to keep tabs because you never know where they will end up next. 

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