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Bundi tells us that we "Can't Stop Me" [Premiere]

If you're looking for a track that's got the positivity of a track like "Eye of the Tiger" but without the cheesy nature of the 80's classic, look no further than UK-artist Bundi and his newest track "Can't Stop Me." True to its name, the song highlights Bundi's decision to persevere through life's challenges and continue the pursuit to his goals in the music world.

Speaking on the making of the track, he states that many will be able to connect with this “I made this track for those who feel like me at times, the ones that lose focus and are me with obstacles when trying to reach their goals/dreams, just tell yourself…you cant stop me.”

The artist is providing a light to the end of a tunnel, and considering it's Wednesday and the weekend still feels far off, this one is helping us coast through to Friday.  


Hip-Hop · Premiere · Rap


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