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Hostage gives us "Bang Bang" off new EP [Premiere + Video]

As summer comes to a close and fall takes over, people’s taste goes from the softer sounds of summer to the harsher, more industrial sounds of fall. Not to be pigeonholed into one fixed style, Scottish producer Hostage is known for incorporating the bright with the dark. After his successful debut EP with 877 Records last May, Hostage is back with his four track Tetralogy EP, out October 2nd.

Hostage sets the tone for the second track of the EP, “Bang Bang,” with a harsh beat and some distorted synths. Once again, Hostage is able to meld the softer synths with more industrial sounds, providing the perfect backdrop for the infectious vocal loop repeated for most of the track. The video itself is visually striking, following a woman with close-ups of her repeatedly eating on her walk around town.

This is definitely one video and EP you do not want to miss. Pick up a copy when it drops October 2nd on 877 Records.




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5 years ago

@dom877 cheers for that!