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Redder unveil subdued yet intricate 2-track release 'Delicate Man' [Premiere]

Redder, hailing from Helsinki, Finland was founded back in 2012 by original members Vesa Hoikka and Frans Saraste. Quickly progressing from what was originally an electronic duo, Redder flawlessly transitioned into a four-piece that creates candid, experimental ambience. 

Today, the band have decided to unveil a 2-track release via Cocoa Music entitled Delicate Man. The two songs, "Three Of Ours" and "Bodies As Dope" were born out of (and thrived in) the difficulties of proximity. While Saraste found himself in Montpellier, France he recorded "Bodies As Dope", which was then sent over to Hoikka and Juho Pääkkönen for musical and lyrical interpretation back in Helsinki. With "Three Of Ours", it worked the other way around: Saraste interpreted what Hoikka and Pääkkönen presented to him. 

The release itself represents this sense of duality on another level, as Saraste notes, "it's really about a dialogue between two people about the other's addiction". This communicative approach also exposes a thematic tie between the portrayal of sexuality as something that can truly be desexualized. That very notion is central to the release in its entirety: to represent sexuality nonlinearly, as something comparable to a drug addiction of sorts. 




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