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Reeko goes off the deep end in "Dishonest Thoughts" [Premiere]

Versatility and range is what Spanish producer Juan Rico is made of when thinking back on the many sounds off his numerous monikers, but none are held with equal regard as his Reeko alias.  Built by design for those driving tracks entrenched with industrial-tinged tendencies, the brand of techno Reeko has crafted remains the reason why he manages to keep strong relevance in the techno community. Head of his own Mental Disorder imprint, he now winds up his upcoming EP, Bad Mood, on Spanish-based label, PoleGroup

Comprised of four tracks, Bad Mood shows off the broadness in Reeko's sound as each cut rummages particular turf in its own direction. "Empty Streets" and "Bad Mood" collide with the punchy bass stomps and frantic melodic eeriness often savored during any warehouse peak time set.

Reaching "Dishonest Thoughts" marks an apparent turning point in the record where the first minutes are made up of transcending moments that eventually dive deep into obscurity. The sound abstracts come together and shut down the beatless display as rumbling bass enters the scene half-unexpectedly. "Sunday Night" feels like a more focused, meditative extension of where the former left off. Heady and occult, Juan Rico puts into play more noise components without throwing off the beat mantra.  

Have a first listen of Bad Mood and check out EARMILK's premiere of Reeko's "Dishonest Thoughts" below. 






Bad Mood

  • PoleGroup
  • August 31 2015


Electronic · Premiere · Techno


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