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Grease gets a new face with Xavier Dunn's cover of "One That I Want"

It's been quite some time since the movie Grease has crossed my mind, but I'm jubilant over the reason for this revival we have today. 24-year-old Xavier Dunn's of Sydney, Australia has re-worked the hit "One That I Want" into his own modern gospel tune. Not only is it a brief reminder of how hot Sandy was, but also a sign that his output is going to be epic, with hints at orchestral elements in every nook and cranny.

It really is a fresh display of the young producer's real talent.

Xavier has experience playing in orchestras all around the land down under. He's composed for quartets, produced for many Australian acts, and recently has been riding the success of his adaptation of "Fuckin Problems" by A$AP Rocky. His releases are bit more infrequent than most would expect in a modern day, Generation Y producer, but I respect the type of artist that knows quality definitely comes before quantity. His cover of "One That I Want" is slow and soulful, capturing maybe even more emotion than the original movie track. It's obvious that

Today's release of "One That I Want" is an exclusive here at EARMILK, and we're happy to bring you such a quality cover. However, it is known that Xavier Dunn has been busy writing in the US for months, and his EP is slated for later this year. Remixes and covers are good and all, but we're ready for his original stuff.

Listen to more XAVIER here.

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