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Paul Kalkbrenner releases full '7' album ahead of Brooklyn performance [Stream]

Just as he finished the FLORIAN video series previewing new music from his forthcoming album release, Paul Kalkbrenner's seventh studio album, aptly entitled 7, was quickly released soon after. Officially out via Sony last Friday, the album is a much anticipated release from the Berliner, his first in some time. 

A glittering journey through instrumental electronica, 7 ebbs and flows through 10 tracks that range from deep house to electronica, with each track done with precision, and attention given to each compositional element making up the whole. Perfect examples of this subtle, mature hand in production are "Tone & Timber," where simple, muted piano is enough to support a song on its own, and on one of the album's strongest track's, "Feed Your Head," where Kalkbrenner moved smartly with beautifully shimmering strings to back up the first time any producer has ever sampled Jefferson Airplane. That's not the only first on the album, as he's also the first to sample Luther Vandross on "A Million Days."

In time with the release, Kalkbrenner spoke to the team at GRAMMY about his experience making the album, his infatuation with instrumentals, and how playing the trumpet growing up led him to his current status in the music industry.


Along with being able to stream the album via Spotify below, Kalkbrenner will be hitting Brooklyn for his first and only US tour appearance this coming weekend. 

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