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Bronze Whale breathes new life into Felix Cartal's "With You" [Premiere]

Not so long ago, Felix Cartal debuted his latest masterpiece: a track entitled "With You" off of his forthcoming Life Online EP. Featuring the vocals of Natalie Angiuli, the original song is one with the elements we have grown to know the Vancouver producer well for: airy, catchy vocals backed by just as infectious piano-driven production. 

Today, we've got a sneak peak at one of the remixes of "With You," done by the Austin-based production duo Bronze Whale. The guys' re-envisioning of the track is totally in line with the music they've built their career with so far, in a toned down, just as melodic chill house vein. Though the driving instrumental melody here is slower and more low key, it's just as infectious as the original's, with an added depth in conveyed emotion. Though it's not outright, there is a sort of melancholy overtone to it all. 

Ahead of the release of Life Online, Felix Cartal is heading on tour, and you can check out his dates below.

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