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Willy Beaman has been "Dreamin" for you to have "Fire In Your Eyes" [Exclusive Download]

Producing electronic tracks all throughout middle school and high school, Willy Beaman has immersed himself around music since the young age of four, when he first found his life-long addiction with keyboards.

"Dreamin" sounds just like how the title says - it starts with a slow melodic blend of piano and vocals then eventually has you singing along to the uplifting and catchy chorus. Definitely best heard with eyes closed. 

On the other hand, "Fire In Your Eyes" combines vocals and piano chords with a series of memorable violin rifts. The result has a similar feel to an Oliver Heldens tune, with a fresh summer groove added to it. 

Check out the links below for the brand new release of "Dreamin" and "Fire In Your Eyes". If you like the track, you can also download it off Receiver for a quick share on Facebook or Twitter.



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Dance · Deep House · Electronic · House


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