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Miguel Campbell and Beccs Lott tell us to "Run With Me" [Premiere]

Some things really do get better with time; some partnerships progress and mature, collaborations become tighter, better. This is especially true for Free Falling, the newest EP coming out of Outcross Records on July 27th by label head Miguel Campbell and longtime collaborator Beccs Lott. Having previously worked together in 2012 on the track “Not That Kind of Girl” on Hot Creations, it is obvious that their sound has reached a new level of maturity that can only come from time and a better understanding of each other as artists.

Miguel Campbell sets the tone of the second track on the EP, “Run With Me,” with a crisp percussion and understated synths. A powerful, almost stabby, disco-inspired bass line provides the perfect backdrop for Beccs Lott’s enthralling, smooth vocals. This is disco-inspired house at its finest and will keep you wanting to groove long after it’s gone.

This is definitely one track and EP you won’t want to miss. Pick up a copy when it drops July 27th on Beatport.




Miguel Campbell ft. Beccs Lott

Run With Me

  • Outcross Records
  • 27-7-2015


Dance · Disco · House · Premiere


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