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ELWD brings beauty to Wednesday with "u+thesky//soamazin" [Premiere+Download]

ELWD has been a master producer that we've been following for a minute now, and the level of output (and how great each release is) is kind of amazing. It's only been a couple months since his last release, and we're already snagging another premiere from this guy... what's stopping you from finishing your project?!

Anyways, ELWD is doing us a solid and giving us a free giveaway of his track "u+thesky//soamazin," and yes, that is the proper spelling (we were told specifically to spell it this way!). The track brings breezy vibes and summer eloquence, but don't let the album title (Tropic), fool you. This is very much an experimental, bizarre piece that doesn't venture anywhere close to tropical house.

Purchase Tropic via cassette or digital via Bandcamp





  • Bad Taste
  • July 15th, 2015



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