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Madeaux releases first edit off of Class Actress' remix EP [Premiere]

On numerous occasions I post some of what I call "guilty pleasures." I'm a mellow kind of guy, but if you've read through my other articles, you'll see a few party favors I couldn't help share. Today I have an exclusive party favor coming from Miami/Los Angeles producer Madeaux, and his selection in a new Class Actress remix EP. 

The Movies EP was originally produced by dance legend Giorgio Moroder, who lived up to the credibility of his name. I'm a fan of the original, and even more of a fan of the fact there's a remix pack following it. I've been curious as to what the July 31 date will hold for the release, as it's not an easy feat to edit off of Class Actress' peculiar production. However, once the Madeaux "More Than You" edit came through EARMILK, I was energized. The song switches tempo, breaks patterns, and makes a lot of noise. He allows the vocals to dominate the track (as they do in the original) but still is able to showcase his own taste with the arrangement as a new background for the track.

Madeaux has been hailed as one of the top twenty producers shaping the LA club scene, a title I don't normally exercise but feel is healthy for the industry as a whole. He shows how complex and intricate electronic music can be, which is definitely a hot topic for DJs and producers nowadays. He's been consistent on dropping music, so check his stuff here.

The Class Actress remix pack comes out on July 31 via Casablanca Records, so keep your eyes peeled for the drop and add it to the club list.



"More Than You"

  • Casablanca Records
  • July 9


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