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SWIMM's new single "All The Time" is nothing but trop-rock fun [Interview]

SWIMM are really good at honing in on that whole 'uplifting rock' thing. You know, those feel-good vibes that sprout from melodic guitar and strong pop hooks. Their newest single is a perfect example of this.

"All The Time", which hails off of SWIMM's forthcoming Beverly Hells EP (set to be released later this summer) makes a lot of noise in all the right ways. Acting as a follow-up to their other recently released single entitled "Beverly Hells", "All The Time" is driving yet spacey with a chorus that's nothing short of grandiose.

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Brontë Martin: Why is your forthcoming Beverly Hells EP something to be excited about? 
SWIMM: Well despite the fact that everything about being in a band is about self-promotion, this is a difficult question to answer. It's exciting for us at least because it's the beginning of a time capsule for the first year we have spent living in LA. It's the first time we have lived in a big city and it provides a wild social perspective. Not to mention a hyper-sensitivity to feeling vulnerable as shit. It comes through in the songs and glues them together. Maybe 'relate-ability' is the most exciting single thing about this EP for us. 
BM: What have been your favourite releases of 2015 so far? Why?
SWIMM: Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly is the most genius. UMO's Multi-Love is the coolest. Father John Misty's I Love You, Honeybear is the most honest. Caribou's Our Love is the sexiest. 
BM: Who listens to SWIMM? Who are they and what do they look for in a song?
SWIMM: My mom and dad definitely listen to SWIMM.  They look for proof that their son is in fact living his dream of dressing up in spandex and drowning himself in hairspray whilst spending countless nights at the Rainbow Room gathering wild encounters for his future memoir... that will surely be read by at the very least.. my mom and dad. 
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