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Jose and Mary's track "Dear, Tennessee" is the best thing you'll hear today [Premiere]

Jose and Mary aren't a huge name, but this track is one of those special tracks that we're banking is going to blow them to superstardom. "Dear, Tennessee" is beyond genres, meshing elements of dance, hip hop, pop, and electronic, together to be an entirely new style that is solely, uniquely theirs. 

They're a bit of an unknown duo, but they did send me this narrative of their humble beginnings, and it was too good not to share. Check out their story below, and you HAVE to hear their song, also below. 

A strike of a lighter and a clank of shot glasses filled to the rim with cheap bathtub gin. A group of close friends sat around a dirty card table as an all too familiar scent filled the air with thick clouds; laughing and discussing an impossible world that would engulf the rhythmic nature of soul, thus birthed a passion. Too powerful as well as charismatic, they had yet to realize their impact on the world. 
It began in the land of empty promises and broken dreams; unlikely allies would cross paths, in the most distraught parts of their lives. They worked tirelessly night after night out of a run-down apartment. Energy drinks and ashtrays filled up with cigars and cigarettes would grace the crates used as tables. On the windows hung dark curtains to keep the sun and time from disturbing them. Melodic sounds would draw many to his door, but they would never be answered. It wasn’t until the sound of her name; New York City, where she sat on the filthy curbs of Broadway Ave, hoping for a chance to showcase her talents. 
The world of Broadway shut her out so she moved with fifty dollars to her name. Singing in local bars and staying in old hotels until she was caught. It could be said that fate brought the two opposite worlds together, but what was being made was as beyond the the perpetual self loathing and destruction of their forefathers. It is flow of lyrics that dance across melodies as poetic phrases pull pain and well as push for a change, but more commonly known by the name, “Jose and Mary.”




Jose and Mary

Dear, Tennessee

  • July 9, 2015




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