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Pisetzky debuts 'Off The Map' on Hunter/Game's new label

Back in 2010, an Italian going by the alias Fabiano Valli was working as a sound designer for fashion brands (being in the fashion capital of Europe, Milan, surely helped). Fast forward three years later and his productions began to take inspiration from the growing techno scene in Milan, and two years after that comes his debut release as Pisetzky on Just This, Hunter/Game’s new label.  

Only a few releases deep, the Just This imprint grew out of Hunter/Game's successful party in Milan, and with a captivating release “Genesis” by the duo for the second EP and a transcendent remix from Christian Loffler for the label’s debut, they look poised to create something truly special. Burgeoning an emotional, melodic brand of techno, and with a steady repertoire of their own releases, Hunter/Game are now helping to push emerging artists from their hometown, including Pisetzky.

“Off The Map” is a three-track offering with two additional remixes courtesy of the always-unique Locked Groove and budding Berlin artist Thomalla. Premiering today on EARMILK is the digital-only release from Pisetzky titled “Opal”, featuring an array of arpeggiated synths layered over sporadic percussion elements and a driving kick. As with the entire EP, the song builds over a lengthy seven minutes and “Opal” in particular showcases the harder hitting side of the release, and if it’s any sign of what’s to come, there is a bright future ahead for the man from Milan.





Off The Map

  • Just This
  • June 30 2015


Deep House · Techno


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