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Raw District's "Tell No One" will leave you lost for words [Premiere]

When Belgian duo Raw District first decided to partner up, their motive was to explore the darker side of house music. "Tell No One," the second track off their latest release on the Damian Lazarus imprint Crosstown Rebels, highlights just how deep into the rabbit hole they ventured. It's a slow burning techno record that sounds like a cross between a rogue arcade game and a computer virus deadly enough to wipe out every hard drive on the planet, and that's a good thing by the way.      

Robust kicks that sound like ominous pacing steps up a gravel drive way instantly set the tone for a dark and sinister journey. You're frozen to the spot as a deep menacing bass line grows in volume, slowly inching closer towards you. Huge reverberating synths tower above the main body of the track as you're taken on a progressively twisting yet gentle ride through the talented duos creative minds. The atmosphere throughout the entire record is as tense as the track title would suggest and the production is bold yet sophisticated. You will be able to purchase this killer release from the 6th of July


Raw District

Tell No One

  • Crosstown Rebels
  • 06/07/2015


Premiere · Progressive · Techno


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