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Malik Ferraud puts on for Baltimore with 'Infinity'

Baltimore is a city that can use some positive energy right now, and Malik Ferraud's latest album, Infinity, is definitely a step in the right direction. With a flow ranging from low-key and zen to aggressive and rapid-fire, the DMV emcee delves into his experiences in B'more and why he refuses to give up.

Ferraud's versatility on the album is accentuated by the varied production, featuring the likes of Nefarious, J-Louis, GoldSoul and more. With each new beat comes a unique style and tempo, and he effortlessly bodybags whatever happens to land on his plate. However, Infinity isn't merely an endless barrage of bars and punchlines - there is nuance and narrative here that simply cannot be overlooked. A prime example of this is "The Future," a track that gives a firsthand account of how things go down in his hometown.

Infinity is just the beginning for Malik Ferraud, as he plans to drop a follow-up project within the next few months. In the meantime, check out his other work on SoundCloud and his previous appearance on EARMILK!

Mark's Milkiest: "The Future," "Top Back," "Gift of G.A.B"


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