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Paperwater remixes Coyote Kisses's "Sunny Day" [Download]

Just under six months ago, Coyote Kisses released "Sunny Day," a track that would shortly become one of their most popular tracks to date. The LA-based duo struck a chord with their easy going brand of electronica, through the song's witty application of an organic-feeling melody that really rings true to its name. 

When Miami's Paperwater first caught wind of the track, they recognized "Sunny Day" as the perfect base for a remix and knew they had to get working. Using a Japanese shamisen to create a totally new overlay, the guys have added another element to "Sunny Day," - laziness. The remix takes a slower BPM and makes the happy skip of the original into a slow stroll. Check it out below.



Coyote Kisses
"Sunny Day" (Paperwater Remix)
Free Download


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