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Listen to Mt. Eden's invigorating new single "Stronger" [Premiere]

In the late 2000s - early 2010s, electronic was smashing into the mainstream and dubstep was one of the brute forces grabbing new comers by the throat and submersing them in a whole new beautiful world. Artists like BassnectarSkream, Rusko, and RUN DMT  were pushing the boundaries and creating brutal dubstep that drew in unsuspecting fans foreign to the genre. Another group during this rise is the New Zealand based duo Mt. Eden, who made a huge splash with their single "Sierra Leone." Their sound was innovative and captivating, taking the signature wobbles and grit of dubstep and pairing it with melodic pain riffs and twinkling synths. Some may call this genre chillstep, but we call it beautiful. 

Today the duo releases their highly anticipated single "Stronger," which features vocals from London based Digital Farm Animals. It is gorgeous glimmering single emitting such a beautiful soundscape it will have you feeling as though you are soaring amidst eagles. Sweeping verses are followed by a chorus rich with gripping 808s and driving synths that empower you to feel stronger with every frenetic high-hat hit. It is a smash single and all the more reason why this group is and all was be on the cutting edge of electronic productions. Mt. Eden will be playing Electric Forest in Michigan and Lollapalooza in Chicago this upcoming weekend so be sure to check them out! 


Chillstep · Electronic · Minimal · Premiere


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