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Danny Seth shares heartfelt performance in "Darling Danny"

Danny Seth is truly beginning to develop an undeniable voice as an evolving new artist. His latest song for us, “Darling Danny,” produced by Zach Nahome, is a live performance at Cosmic Zoo studios, but I wouldn’t even call this a performance. This is just genuine story-telling (which we will see a lot more of on his new album), and it’s palpable by the way he bares his heart and soul through the music. Danny pays tribute to his dear stepmother, speaking to her practically made him the man he is today, and their final correspondence when she and Danny’s father split. As someone who is a part of this “children of divorce” generation, I found myself completely touched and overwhelmed by the love and hurt Danny speaks of.

Danny Seth is proving to be one of the most promising stars in American rap culture, regardless of the fact that he is a Jewish boy from London. I have no doubt this promise will be fulfilled with his soon-to-be released album, Perception (Read his interview with Earmilk here).

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