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Yuksek and Juveniles "Partyfine" is the perfect way to end the work week [Premiere]

Yuksek has been one of my favorite producers to get me into a funky nu-disco groove, and today we're super excited to present to you his newest masterpiece, "Partyfine," the same name as his record label.

The track, which pairs him with Juveniles and brings the French touch, is the perfect piece of art to symbolize all that his label and team have done over the last couple of years, and is the epitome of the nu-disco style. With a funky bass line that couldn't stop you from dancing even if you tried, the song sounds like it could work in a club back during Paradise Garage days in New York as much as it could be in the clubs today. 

We're excited to be getting this one up on the internet for you. Check it out below. It will be out on Partyfine Compilation 2 on June 22nd, but it will be out as a free download on Monday via iTunes on a pre-order. 






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